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Welcome to the Salad Warrior's web page. I'll add to this over time.

War Strategy
First attack in first 14 hours of war. This is a MUST, and if you can't you must let the team leader know asap.
Second attack, you must save for clean up in the last 10 hours of war (exceptions apply - see below)

War Strategy is always "One down". 

Your first attack

For your first attack this means you have a look at where you are ranked in the clan for this war, and attack the base one lower than that in the opposition clan.

For example, if you are ranked #7, you attack their #8. Etc

If someone has mistakenly attacked the base you are meant to attack, don't mistakenly attack someone else's base. I know it's annoying and frustrating but wait until the you get advice from an ELDER or a LEADER as to who you should attack.

If you are going to attack late (EG if you have school, work, waiting for a hero to upgrade etc) put a message on clash or on here to let us know. Life happens, but if you know you're going to struggle to be available, opt out of war.

Your second attack is for clean up

If someone has not done their first attack, and they haven't messaged to say they will be late, then when 14 hours up, their base is fair game to anyone with the following conditions. If in doubt, just ask. If you need advice, ask. 

1) Use your common sense (see below)
2) Make sure you can 3* the base - EG if you are ranked #7, and #8 hasn't done their 1st attack, go for it. You should be able to 3* it.
3) Only try higher if all the lower bases are already 3 starred, even 1 extra star can make a difference.
4) If there is no one you can attack, use your 2nd attack as a loot raid and practice.

Common sense Scenario 1: You are ranked #7, and you have 3 starred #8 and you are wondering who to attack for your clean up. Opposition Bases #15, and #6  have not been 3 starred, and our players ranked #8, #9, #10, #11 and #12 are all reliable and haven't used their 2nd attack yet. Rules #2 and #3 say you should attack #15 but please go with rule #1, use your common sense and have a go at #6

Common sense Scenario 2: You are ranked #12 and are ready to go with your 2nd attack. The opposition #14 has been 2 starred, and their #11 hasn't been attacked at all. You are the last person with an attack left. The rules say you should go for #14, but you can only get one extra star if you do that, but you may be able to get 2 stars against #11. Go for #11.

Promotion Guidelines

Member: You don't have to do anything to get into the clan, but you have to work hard to stay.
1) War attacks - we are a war clan. You must follow the war strategy and use both attacks at the correct times.
2) Activity - you should be active in the clan, plenty of raids, participation in the clan games, etc. If there's no clan games, I will invent some.You don't have to always be on Clash, but at least a few attacks a day would be the minimum. Make sure you request CC troops for all your raids, to help your raids, but also to help people keep the donation ball rolling.
3) Donations/Requests - If someone requests troops and you don't have it, dont donate anything. Donating the wrong troops messes with the raid plan of the person requesting. EG if I am requesting Quake, it is because I am taking 3 quakes of my own into a raid and 4 quakes are needed to knock down a wall. If you give me poison, I can't knock down the wall and the whole attack could be wasted. I would rather wait. 
If you are town hall 4 or 5, request whenever you want and however much you want with no requirements to donate. 
If you are town hall 6 or 7, you should be donating to the town hall 4s and 5s and still requesting as much as you want. I would suggest a donation to request ration of 1:5. So if I look at the list of donates/requests. If you have received a total of 300 troops, you should have donated at least 60. 
If you are town hall 8 and above, you should be donating to everyone, above and below. The donation/request ratio should be roughly 1:1
4) Chat - no racist, homophobic, bullying, etc. Be nice. 
5) Don't rush your base - don't improve your town hall until everything else is upgraded - troops, walls, everything. (Even upgrade troops you don't use, someone else may need them for donates, or they will become useful at higher levels)

Elder: There have been numerous questions with regards to who can be an elder. There are already a few elders in the clan, and I see no reason why everyone can't be an elder, but there will be several requirements as to who can become an elder, and what you have to do to remain an elder.

To achieve and retain Elder:
1) You must be a good member - see above, and generally if you can't stick to the above rules, you're going to be out of the clan anyway.
2) War stars - we are a war clan so the best way to judge someone's loyalty is their war stars. 100 first attack war stars achieved from when you join the clan is the minimum requirement. 
3) Activity  - a minimum average of 2 attacks a day (to be reviewed) and participation in clan games (must achieve a minimum of half of the available points)
4) Donates/Requests - an appropriate ratio ongoing - see above.
5) A commitment to help others in the clan with advice on their base, their raids, war attacks etc - especially to those ranked lower than you.
6) A commitment to constantly improve your base and yourself and the clan- learn, research, advise
7) Recruitment - members come and go. Make an effort to recruit new members, check their profile, look at war stars, their donations, their achievements - if they're town hall 8 and haven't completed many achievements, they probably bought and gemmed their base. Make sure they haven't got a clock on them for them to participate in war - this would suggest they are causing trouble by joining a clan, and then leaving in the middle of a war. Make sure they speak English. We don't care where people are from but we need to be able to communicate with them.

If you become an elder, it gives you the ability to kick out members. Please do not do this. If you feel someone should be removed let me know and I will remove them.

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